Embarrassing Moment


In our life, certainly we have embarrassing moment. That's experience we wanna forget it.
Can you imagine if you use car window glass someone for mirror, after that someone knock the window from inside? Oh my gosh! It's really-really embarrassing moment.
Or you see someone in the street/park who looks like someone you know well. And you call him. But, unfornately he/she is not your friend or someone you know. It will be more awful if we swish her shoulder.
Or when you enjoy your convertation with your friends after school, suddenly a ball fly and hit right your face. It's really-really painful and embarrassing. If you think, there is someone will help you when you pass out and pickaback you to UKS, is bullshit! It's just in drama. Not in real life!
Yeah...it's about embarrassing moment :)

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  1. ahh ciyus...
    kirain panjang :P

  2. Ohh.. here it is.. an English article...
    Not bad...

  3. faza:
    hehehee...namanya juga pemula
    kalo panjang-panjang ntar mabok :D

    bocah petualang:
    hahaa..makasii makasii :))
    *tebar duit monopoli*